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Go Green, Adopt Farm Living

What does ‘Go Green’ mean?

Go Green means we should so something to maintain ecological balance and protect our natural resources for today and for the future.

It also means taking steps to reduce pollution and save energy. It also aims at following 3Rs that is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The “Go Green” drive is mainly aimed at saving our planet earth from the harms that we humans are doing to it these days.

Why ‘Go Green’?

Over the years we have seen people destroying the nature to a large extent but at the same time, there are many people who have grown concern for the environment within themselves and among the people around them. Even the government is taking some steps for the same. We can see this concern in limiting the use of plastic, promoting the use of CNG, drives for planting more trees, using more and more natural products etc.

Many years ago, we did not really know what “go green” means and how it can bring a positive change in the nature but now that it has become the need of the hour, almost everyone seems to be talking about it. Even media and people on social media try to educate others about the benefits of going green.

Let us see why it is important for us, for our future generations, for everyone’s health and for each and everything on this earth. Let's have a look at the reasons why we should go green:

1. Reduction in electricity bill

It is extremely important to save money so why not here too! Yes, by going green you can save money too. How? You just need energy saving light bulbs and you have to develop a habit of switching off the unnecessary things using electricity. You can also opt for solar panels which is a one-time investment. As the solar panels use solar energy, they are really cost effective and can reduce the electricity bills tremendously. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. Solar energy can also be used in various other things to reduce the bills.

2. Save the environment

Because of the increasing population and needs of people, we are indiscriminately cutting off the trees which is harming the ecological balance. Rather than doing so, we must come up with the go green ideas to save trees and make use of land in such a way that minimum damage is caused to the trees.

3. Cleaner air

Air, as we know, is one of the most important things that we need for living and we can not afford to ignore it. The level of air pollution has already gone up. The chemicals that we use at home all add to it. By using eco-friendly things, we can make and breathe cleaner air.

4. Improved health

Almost every day, we hear about some dangerous products that harm our body and causes various diseases like cancer, asthma etc. This is because of excessive use of pesticides. By following go green drive, the use of pesticides will be reduced thereby improving our health.

5. Better environment for future generations

What we do today is not just for today. It stays for years and years together. We all want our generations to come should have a safe and healthy life and we can give them such a life only by adopting the ‘go green’ policy. We must assure that they have clean water to drink, rich soil that produces good quality crops and so on.

6. Reduced global warming

Over the years, the climate has changed drastically. Melting of ice caps, rise in sea levels etc. have increased because of the harmful chemicals and pollutants we have been using. All these have also lead to an increase in global warming and depletion of the ozone layer. If we switch from this mode to a green lifestyle mode, we will be able to control this global warming and save the ozone layer further.

7. Reduction in carbon emissions

When we make a product right from the scratch, we usually make a great impact on the carbon footprints. But when we follow the go green drive, we tend to use the products that are made from recycled things thereby reducing the carbon footprints. It also helps in reducing waste in landfills.


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